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Camping is an enjoyable activity for all walks of life. Now that spring break is around the corner, many people are seeking an adventure and wanting to get away. If you are one of these people, check out the following essentials to camping. They will help you stay safe and comfortable.

Choosing the Correct Shelter

Plan ahead of time. Research the location you want to camp in. Look into the different campground sites they offer and if any amenities will be available to you. When deciding on where to stay, do not forget to consider any physical or medical needs of all the guests.

If choosing to stay in a tent or a cabin remember to bring the necessary accessories such as an air mattress, sleeping bag, tarp, etc. No one wants to sleep on the ground!

Listen to the Meteorologist

Keep an eye out for the weather before heading out to your trip. Nature is very unpredictable and can shift within hours. To be on the safe side, pack an extra layer of clothing that will accommodate the inclement weather you might face.


It’s easy nowadays to pick up your phone and look up directions but depending on where you go camping you might have no reception. Remember to bring a map, a compass, and a GPS system. These tools will help you get oriented in your surrounding areas.

Sun Protection

We often forget how little sunlight we get throughout the day, but when camping, you may get hours’ worth of direct sunlight. It’s essential to protect your skin and eyes against harsh UV rays, you do not want to get a sunburn — we promise! By wearing sun protection clothing such as a hat, shades, long sleeves, and pants, you can quickly minimize sun exposure. If you would like to wear sunscreen, use one with at least SPF 15.

First-Aid Kit

Be prepared for emergencies by packing first-aid supplies with you. It’s always a good idea to buy a pre-made kit and add to it as needed. Ask others who will be camping with you if they have any special needs and how to accommodate them. Pack an EpiPen or any other medications for allergies, there is no telling what you may encounter.

Campfire Safety

Fire is an excellent tool for camping. It can help you cook and keep you warm. Pack plenty of waterproof matches, lighters, and fire starters — this will come in handy if weather conditions are harsh.

When handling fire, remember to do so with care, keep it 15 feet away from the tent and any vegetation. Keep the fire small and contained in a fire pit. Always keep a bucket of water close by and put the fire out completely when done using it.

Caution with Wildlife

The last thing you want is to awake next to a wild animal digging through your left-over food. Always keep a clean campsite. Never leave food laying out nor dump leftovers near your camping area. Store your food inside your car to avoid unwanted wildlife sniffing it out. In the case, you do encounter animals avoid touching and feeding them. However, if you do come in contact with them, wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water.

Don’t Forget the Tools!

You never know what can break, so bring along your tool kit. Consider general items such as a knife, duct tape, a hammer, and a multi-tool. As well, tools for emergency situations. A handheld emergency generator might come in handy when the lights go out and need to charge your phone.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated on a camping trip is very important. Due to all the physical activities, you will be participating in, it increases your risk of dehydration. A good measure to stay hydrated is to drink water often and before you are thirsty. Further, in case you run out of bottled water, you may collect water from a surrounding source. For safe measure, collect water from higher elevations and avoid areas near campsites or grazing animals. Then treat using your water treatment supplies.

Camping is an exciting experience but remember to stay alert. Keep an eye out on your body and how it’s reacting to the environment. When people are outside of their comfort zones, the unexpected can occur. Practice safety and always proceed with caution if consuming alcohol. If you ever find yourself in an emergency while traveling know that you have a friend, Rico Aviation, a medical transport company. They provide medical air transportation. To learn more about Rico Aviation visit the website of contact 806-331-7426.

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