The people at Rico Aviation were very nice and caring. It made us feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to others, being in a situation like we were. It meant a lot to us that they were very caring! Thank you very much!

S. H.

I am thoroughly impressed with and absolutely grateful for Rico Aviation to have transported my very ill husband to Plano for heart surgery.

J. C.

Toni & Joe need to be recognized for their outstanding professionalism! They made sure I was comfortable (I'm disabled). They took such amazing care of my son. You can tell they love their jobs and care for the patients. Thank you all three. You were so amazing!

T. H.

Zack, Misty, & Patrick were great. I thought Zack looked a little young to be a pilot, but he assured me he'd watched the youtube video several times. : ) Seriously, my mother felt safe & well taken care of. I'm glad to have ya'll in Dalhart.

J. L.

In our family we use humor to reduce stress. In a very stressful situation all three made us feel safe and laughed with us. They were fantastic!

N. G.