At Rico Aviation, we want to ensure quality care for all of our patients. An important part of providing this quality care is by utilizing reliable, comfortable, and safe airplanes. We currently have one of the best-fixed wing air ambulance available, the incredible, King Air 200.

The King Air 200

The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is the core of our fixed wing air ambulance fleet, with a cruising speed of 310 miles per hour. With these incredible speeds, we assure you that patients will arrive at their destination in a safe and timely manner. With a large and spacious cabin area, these planes allow room for a state-of-the-art remodeled ambulance interior. Some of these remodelings include specialized transport gurneys, top of the line life support, and medical equipment for in-flight care.

Family is important to Rico Aviation, but we don’t want to compromise the quality of care provided to our patients. This plane supplies enough room for two nurses and a family member, so our patients are comfortable and cared for by our expert staff, while also able to enjoy the company of a loved one.


Our fixed wing air ambulance are also equipped with two incredible features to deliver quality and safety to our patients. The first is our GPS Instrumentation. This feature allows us to make sure we are traveling the safest and quickest paths needed to get our patients to their intended destinations. The second is all-weather capability. Since we are 24-hours a day to dispatch to patients, we need to guarantee the safety of our aircraft, no matter the weather conditions. We want to make sure our aircraft are safe for all those flying or riding in them, so we can do our best to transport and assist anyone in need.