Air Ambulance:


We are a 24-hour service with the capabilities to respond within minutes of notification.


Rico is certified by the state of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado to provide mobile intensive care air ambulance transport anywhere in the continental United States. Rico uses state of the art medical equipment to ensure the highest level of care possible. Our equipment includes but is not limited to:

Zoll X-Series Cardiac Monitor

Capable of invasive monitoring


Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilator

The most advanced, fully featured ICU ventilator


This list is in addition to all medical equipment required by:


Rico Aviation ensures quality care to our patients. Part of our care means providing reliable, comfortable and safe airplanes. Rico has 24-hour dispatch capability, as well as a one-step dispatch tablet and downloadable app for iPhone and Android called Rico Rapid Response™.

All of our aircraft are equipped with:

  • GPS Instrumentation
  • All weather capability

2 Cessna 441 Conquest Turboprops

The core of our fleet is Two Cessna 441 Conquest Turboprops. These airplanes normally seat 8-10 people comfortably, leaving plenty of room for a remodeled ambulance interior including a specialized transport gurney, top of the line life support and medical equipment for in-flight care and plenty of room for two flight nurses and a family member. With a cruising speed of 298 miles per hour and a top speed of 340 miles per hour, this airplane will get you to your destination in a safe and timely manner.

  • GPS Instrumentation
  • All weather capability


1 – Cessna 525 Citation CJ2 Jet

  • GPS Instrumentation
  • All weather capability

Rico Aviation also holds a Cessna 525 CJ2 jet in its arsenal used for private charters. This jet seats six people and is the fastest aircraft in our fleet with a top speed of 460 miles per hour. Learn more about our Charter Services here.


Bell 407 Helicopter

The Bell 407 Helicopter provides high speeds, outstanding performance, and unmatched reliability. With a Rolls-Royce 250-C47B/8 turbine FADEC engine, the helicopter can reach speeds of 246 km/h. Also, because of its sleek design and high-grade features, the Bell 407 Helicopter has incredible maneuverability. Normally able to hold up to 6 passengers, our medical care specific air ambulance has ample space to maintain quality care and comfort for our patients, while also ensuring a smooth ride in nearly all weather conditions.

bell 407 air ambulance


No-one sets the standard higher when it comes to the level of care from bedside to bedside.  Rico requires that their pilots have the highest rating and that our paramedics, nurses and healthcare personnel have advanced certifications.  With Rico Aviation, you know you or your loved one is in the best care.

Quality Care

At Rico Aviation, your care is our number one concern. Every single one of our medical flight crew members is required to have at least three years of experience in critical care. We hold our nurses and paramedics to the highest standards and certification requirements.

In order to join the team, our nurses are required to hold following certifications:

  • Certified Emergency Nurse/CEN
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse/CCRN
  • Certified Flight Registered Nurse/CFRN
  • Certified Transport Registered Nurse/CTRN

Our paramedics are required to hold the following certifications:

  • Certified Flight Paramedic/FP-C

Our Pilots are required to hold the following certifications:

  • ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating- the highest level of aircraft pilot rating in the United States.
  • A minimum of 3500 hours flight time
  • Annual recurrent simulator training consisting of:
  • In-flight emergency procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of all aircraft systems

In addition to all of our certified flight crew members, Rico Aviation uses the highest quality equipment to provide you with the best treatment possible including the Hamilton T1 Ventilator and Zoll X Series monitor. Each Air Ambulance has its supplies checked and restocked after every flight. Our equipment and attention to detail allow our team to confidently and efficiently assess and treat any situation in front of them.

For more information about our certified nurses, paramedics or pilots please call us at (806)-331-7426.

Rico has 24-hour dispatch capability, as well as a one-step dispatch tablet and downloadable app for iPhone and Android phones called the Rico Rapid Response™