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This one is for all of our New Mexico and Colorado residents. Frostbite is a common condition that many people don’t think they’re likely to experience firsthand during the winter. The common cause of frostbite is an exposure to cold weather. The exposure to the cold weather doesn’t have to be extensive, it can occur in under 30 minutes and can also be affected by an individual’s contact with ice, snow, wind, and cold liquids. We’ve constructed a list of a few things you should consider to avoid frostbite this winter.

Accessorize for the weather

The biggest mistake made when preparing to go outside when it’s cold, rainy, or windy is not accessorizing properly for the conditions. The quickest way for a body to get cold and experience frostbite is for the ears, feet, and hands to not be properly covered. In these harsh weather conditions, you should be wearing a beanie, hat, or headband that fully covers your ears and is made of a windproof or thick material. You should be wearing sock liners or socks that are thick and provide insulation. Holiday socks and wool hiking socks are great socks for these weather conditions. Lastly, your hands should be covered with thick mittens or gloves to provide an enclosed space for your hands to conserve heat. As always, when in doubt, you can never go wrong with body, feet, and hand warmer packets.

Limit your time outside

The goal during harsh weather conditions is to limit the amount of time you have to spend outside. In an effort to reduce your exposure to these weather conditions you should pay attention to the weather forecasts and plan your schedule and outfits accordingly. No matter how long you’re outside it’s important to accessorize and dress properly to avoid both the common cold and frostbite.

Wearing proper clothing

Wearing proper clothing in the New Mexico and Colorado winter conditions involve dressing in multiple layers of clothing to allow your body heat to be trapped within the clothes. The trapped body heat will actively keep you from feeling the weather conditions as harshly as you would’ve if wearing a single layer of clothes. You also want to make sure to dress in accordance with the particular weather that is or will occur. It’s best to bring a windbreaker or rain jacket with you on a daily basis to ensure that you’re ready for the ever-changing Texas weather. In instances of getting wet in colder temperatures, be sure to change as soon as possible to avoid sickness and rashes from the wet clothes. It’s always better to have a layer to shed than it is to regret not having one.

Frostbite can be prevented, it’s just important to plan accordingly to stay warm and dry during this winter. When in doubt, check the temperature for the day to prepare your wardrobe for anything that you might experience.

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