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Managing our healthcare, and the healthcare of our families is a big job. There’s so much to keep track of. Between medical, vision, and dental we have our hands full dealing with appointments, and of course, insurance. Whenever we look at an insurance policy, we check for basic coverage areas. Most of us never even imagine the possibility that we might require a medical evacuation on a helicopter or plane. And, most insurance policies ignore the possibility.

That’s what Air Methods Advantage is for.

What is it for?

Air Methods Advantage works similarly to an insurance policy. However, we should make it clear from the start that it is not an Insurance policy and should never be purchased in place of medical insurance. The annual membership payment ensures that covered family members enrolled in the program will not have to pay anything over and above the amount paid by their health insurance provider for a medically-necessary transport provided by Air Methods. Basically, no matter what insurance agrees to pay Rico Aviation and Air Methods, you won’t have anything to pay out-of-pocket.

Who can access it?

Anyone who lives within our service area can apply to be a part of the Air Methods Advantage. There are no membership restrictions for individual or family memberships. Also, the process of becoming an Air Methods Advantage Member is totally independent of your regular insurance.

How much will it cost?

The standard rate for an Air Methods Advantage membership is $40/year for an individual or $75/ year for a family, including spouse and children. But, if you are in one of Rico Aviation’s Partnered Counties you can receive a discounted membership.

Why sign up through Rico Aviation?

In the event a patient holding an Air Methods Advantage Membership is transported on a Rico aircraft not operated by Air Methods, Rico Aviation will honor the terms stated in the Air Methods Advantage Membership agreement.

If any patient holding an Air Methods Advantage Membership receives an invoice after being flown by a Rico Aircraft for expenses above and beyond what was covered by insurance, please contact us at 806-331-7426, so we can ensure the charges are credited to you. An email can also be sent to


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