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Traveling is fun and stress-free if you plan ahead.

When planning a summer vacation, you have to do your homework. An unprepared traveler is an endangered traveler. Doing some basic research and follow-up will prevent many potential headaches and keep your family out of danger.

Do Research

Visiting a new place can be fun and exciting. That being said, new and unfamiliar locations can come with their own set of unexpected surprises. A little research goes a long way when it comes to traveling. Make sure you are aware of local customs and expectations. Have a general understanding of your destination to make sure you are able to be at ease for the entirety of your trip

Get travel insurance.

With travel insurance, you’ll have coverage if an emergency occurs, medical or otherwise. Also, if your trip is cut short by an emergency, travel insurance can help you get your money back. You can also get refunds if the trip is canceled because of illness or injury.

Photocopy important documents.

Scan important documents (driver’s license, insurance card, and passport) and save copies in your email, cloud service, and external storage. Two paper copies of all your necessary documents is a must. When traveling, keep your real documents in secure-storage at the hotel and keep the copies on your person.

Be smart about social media.

Post about your vacation on social media, but be wary of posting too many details about where you are staying and where you are going. On the homefront, consider hiring a house-sitter if its public knowledge that you’ll be gone for an extended period.

Check for travel and health alerts.

Before leaving home, do your research. Make sure to read travel advisories about your intended destination before booking; you can even set up regular alerts. Additionally, check health alerts before booking, you don’t want to enter an outbreak!

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