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Tips When Traveling for the Holidays

Whether you’re flying across the country or visiting family who only live 30 minutes away, traveling is perhaps the only downside to the holidays. To make traveling less of a hassle, utilize our top tips when traveling for the holidays:

  • Do your research and have a backup plan.

    While it might seem obvious to some, most people wait until last minute to schedule their flights or look up their route on GPS. Start early and you will reap the benefits: the best deals for flights are way in advance, and knowing your route will help you avoid traffic and arrive at your destination more quickly.


  •  Avoid peak travel dates.

    The closer you are to the holidays and the longer you wait to purchase tickets, the more expensive and the more crowded your plane will be. Avoid this issue by traveling on non-peak travel dates. Traveling during the week as opposed to the weekend, for example, will save you time and money.


  • Leave early and pack wisely

    Leave for the airport at least two hours before your flight, and give yourself additional time to allow for traffic. If you can, pack everything into a carry-on bag to save yourself time and worry. The holidays are the busiest times for airports, which increases your chances of your checked bag getting lost in the shuffle. Wear your heavier clothing on the plane instead of packing it, to save yourself space in your suitcase. Most importantly, travel with your essentials such as medication with you in your carry-on.


If you find yourself in an emergency health situation while traveling for the holidays, the services of a medical air transport provider might become necessary. Rico Aviation, a medical transport company certified by the state of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, is a complete bed-to-bed service that operates as a MICU, Critical Care air ambulance. Learn more about how Rico Aviation provides the highest quality of care possible by visiting our website or contact 806-331-7426.

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