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7 Ways to Stay Safe this Halloween

From costumes to trick-or-treating, Halloween is an exciting time of the year for everyone. However, as festive as the occasion is, it is essential for parents to be prepared and aware of possible dangers.


The peak trick-or-treating time frame is between 5:30-9:30 pm. Be on high alert during these times when driving, especially through neighborhoods. Remember to drive with your lights on, so pedestrians can see your car clearly. Do not text or talk on the phone. This is important to value at all times. However, trick-or-treating presents increase hazards due to high volumes of pedestrians crossing roads and streets. Take extra time at stop signs to observe your surroundings for children and families in near proximity to your vehicle.

Walking and Trick-or-Treating

Only cross at corners or crosswalks.

Keep your electronic device out of your hands while crossing streets.

Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street, ensuring that they see you before you cross.

Do not let your child cross the street alone.

Only knock on doors that you are familiar with.

Do not let your child go up to a door to trick-or-treat alone.

Children may be tempted to eat their candy as they walk. However, it is important for parents to inspect the candy taken from strangers. Consider bringing a goodie bag of your own candy from home for the children to eat as they trick-or-treat.

Bring a flashlight when trick-or-treating.

Only go to homes that have the light on and/or Halloween decorations up.

If children are of age to trick-or-treat without supervision, have a set walking route and curfew.


Before purchasing face paint or makeup, make sure that it is non-toxic. Prior to application, test it out on a small area of skin.

Make use of glow sticks or reflective elements to your child’s costume so that they can be clearly seen when out trick-or-treating.

Wear practical shoes that are comfortable.


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