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Chartered V. Commercial


When you charter a private flight, you have the luxury to set the time and day that works best for you. You don’t have to worry about flight options, layovers or delays that commonly occur on commercial flights. The benefit of being able to take off or land at smaller airports can place you closer to your destination than a commercial airport.

On the other hand, commercial flights require looking at a list of predetermined dates and times and deciding which one will fit into your schedule. Many travelers choose to book their flights last minute which can eliminate some of the most convenient flight options. Layovers at out of the way airports occur frequently and can be annoying.


For charter flights, you can show up with all your luggage, liquids, and even pets! Luggage restrictions are nearly non-existent for most charter flights, and you do not have to sort through the hassle of going through long security lines. There is often no need for leaving early and giving yourself enough time to check your bags and get through security. It is as convenient as driving up to the plane and boarding from there.


It is easy to say a private plane’s comfort is superior to that of a commercial flight. Private planes are typically equipped to carry 5-9 passengers, unlike the big airlines which can carry up to 100. The in-flight assistance and dining options cater to your needs, so you know what you’re eating and when you’re eating it. Chartered flights also give you the option to stretch out or lay down, unlike the cramped spaces big airlines offer.


The anticipation of waiting to see your bags come onto the big metal carousel feels like it’s taking an eternity. Then, having to deal with hailing a taxi or coordinating to get a rental car can be a nightmare. Flying private prevents all these nuisances and can guarantee you get off the plane and directly into a vehicle. It is much quicker and more convenient than hunting down a mode of transportation.


Unlike the cost of commercial tickets, chartered flights typically are charged per hour of flight. The average cost is lower for commercial flights, but longer flights and high-end seats can run more expensive than chartered flight’s cost.

Before choosing a path to go on the next time you travel, look at the comfort and convenience of getting a chartered flight. The Rico Aviation team can deliver and make sure you travel comfortably.

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