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Rico Rapid Response Membership

Care in the Air, Piece of Mind on the Ground


You have a choice when you are transported for medical reasons. It may not seem important in the moment when there are far greater concerns than who is being dispatched to transfer you, but when it comes down to it, your voice is the one that counts.


Our top tip: Prepare yourself, educate yourself, and create a plan based on your insurance provider and where you live. This plan should include at the very least, your preferred medical facility and your preferred transportation provider. At Rico, we want to be part of that plan. That’s why we have introduced the “Rico Rapid Response Membership.” Our RRR Dispatch System is already helping make air ambulance travel seamless and accessible for medical facilities across the Panhandle, and now, we want to make this ease of use available to the public.


This free membership helps ensure that you are never without a transportation solution and conveniently informs your care provider of your preferred means of transport. Another major part of choosing a medical service is education, so as a Rico Rapid Response member, we want to provide you with as much information as we can about the services we offer.  As part of the program, we will periodically send out resources and continued education regarding air medical care, our company and our industry.


We are currently offering membership signup at health fairs throughout West Texas, so come see us! Want us to mail you your RRR membership card and signup instructions? Email with your name and address.




Welcome to the Rico Family! We’re excited to welcome you as one of our own.


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