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The reality of our world is that people get injured, they get sick, and ill. However, the world of medicine is evolving at an exponential pace. New cures, medicines, and treatments are being discovered or made on a regular basis. With all of these amazing new things, one thing in particular stands out to us. That is the use and evolution of the air ambulance. What is an air ambulance? An air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft used to transport sick or injured to a hospital in an emergency. So where did medical aviation start? And where has it ended up?

Medical aviation actually started with planes, specifically during World War 2, to transport wounded soldiers from the battlefield to hospitals further away. The wide spread use and success of these planes eventually lead to the rapid response helicopters that you have probably seen flying in the airspace around hospitals, or in old war movies about Korea or Vietnam. The use of helicopters to transport wounded in Vietnam lead to an acceptance of their use in the civilian field. However as useful and amazing as these rapid response helicopters are, they can only travel short distances. What happens when you need to go from a Dallas hospital to a specialty hospital in New York and only have a matter of hours to get where you need to be?

Thus, the same kind of medical transportation via airplanes that was so widely adopted carrying soldiers in World War 2, has now been adapted for the use of civilians who need to go farther distances than helicopters can take them. Planes can transport you and your loved ones with a team of certified medical professionals anywhere in the country. Not only do these planes mitigate the risk of driving long distances, they also reduce time spent traveling where issues can occur.

Medical aviation has come a long way, and as the capability for rapid transport across long distances progresses further and further, companies like Rico will be there to ensure you get to where you need to be, not only quickly, but also safely and securely.

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