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CAMTS Certified

At Rico, we pride ourselves on being certified to provide the highest level of service available. From our Medics to our Nurses to our Pilots, each member of the RICO family is uniquely qualified to work in this unique and specialized field. In additional to employee’s personal qualifications, Rico as a company holds an accreditation, the designation of which means perhaps more than any other. It’s on nearly every piece of information we wear, use or give away: the five letter Acronym CAMTS. If you’ve interacted with RICO aviation, chances are you’ve seen these letters before, so we thought we’d use this blog to tell you a bit about what CAMTS actually means!

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems is dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and safety of the transport environment for services providing rotorwing, fixed wing and ground transport systems.”

Our CAMTS Certification Sets us Apart

To receive CAMTS Certification, our company has been through a rigorous survey of the services we offer ensuring that all facets of our business, including aviation, medical care and delivery, communication, and safety practices, meet the highest standards of performance. While the decision to seek this accreditation is an independent one, it is a vitally important designation in choosing a medical transport care provider. There are many companies that offer medical air transport services, but not all function under the same guidelines. A CAMTS certification helps set apart those companies that are best equipped to care for patients, allowing for a more educated decision regarding care and transportation.

CAMTS Standards are Updated to Reflect the Latest Medical Innovations

The CAMTS standards for Accreditation were originally drafted 25 years ago and are updated every 2-3 years in order to reflect the latest medical care and aviation innovations. Ultimately, a company is granted compliance with CAMTS if:

“A medical transport system demonstrates overall quality of service consistent with the essential elements of Accreditation Standards and the professional judgment of the Board. The service demonstrates a steady balance in all dynamic components which comprise their specific program.”

At RICO, we take pride in our CAMTS certification and hope that we’ve been able to clarify a bit about why it’s so important! Have any questions about our certifications, CAMTS or otherwise? Leave a comment below.

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