Pledge to Stop Texting and Driving

I stand with Rico Aviation and pledge to stop texting and driving.

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Take the Pledge to Stop Texting & Driving

This year we are taking the pledge to stop texting and driving, and we want to encourage our customers and clients to do the same. Below is a great checklist that you can download and keep with you to ensure you don’t text and drive. After you download it, check off the steps you’ll follow to ensure you’re not texting and driving. Post to our wall to let us know which steps you are taking towards ending the habit of texting and driving!

Injuries a Year from Texting and Driving
Of all Car Accidents Caused by Texting
Teen Deaths Every Day from Texting While Driving

Hands-Free Texting

  • While driving, use Bluetooth, or hands-free capabilities if your car/device has them.

Hide Your Phone

  • If your phone or car does not have a hands-free option, put your phone in the glove box or middle console to make it less accessible and eliminate the urge to use it while driving.

Use a Friend

  • If you are riding with another person, have them text for you. Or have them hold you accountable to not text or use your device while operating your vehicle.

Silencing or Powering Off Your Cell Phone

  • Putting your phone on silent, or airplane mode will grateful reduce your likelihood to text while driving. If your phone doesn’t alert you, then you’re less likely to check it. Even less likely if it is power-off.

If you find another tip that helps you stay off your phone, let us know what that is!

Join us and take the pledge to stop texting and driving in 2017. It can wait!