Rico Aviation wants to utilize the most cutting-edge air ambulances imaginable in order to maintain our high-quality services and care. To deliver this quality care for our patients, Rico Aviation has added a new rotor-wing air ambulance to our fleet of outstanding vehicles.

This rotor-wing air ambulance is a Bell 407 Helicopter, owned and operated by PHI Air Medical.

As a company, PHI understands that medical attention is sometimes required outside of the hospital or an exam room. In order to ensure lifesaving care to everyone who needs it, they are dedicated to providing quality care to those at the scene of the accident or when a life-threatening illness occurs. They know someone’s life is on the line, so they’re ready for any situation and provide the best care imaginable.

Bell 407 Helicopter

bell 407 air ambulance

The Bell 407 Helicopter provides high speeds, outstanding performance, and unmatched reliability. With a Rolls-Royce 250-C47B/8 turbine FADEC engine, the helicopter can reach speeds of 246 km/h. Also, because of its sleek design and high-grade features, the Bell 407 Helicopter has incredible maneuverability. Normally able to hold up to 6 passengers, our medical care specific air ambulance has ample space to maintain quality care and comfort for our patients, while also ensuring a smooth ride in nearly all weather conditions.


The Bell 407 is also equipped with a variety of different safety features, including a FADEC-controlled engine, autorotation characteristics, structural bulkheads to protect passengers and the crew, a rupture-resistant fuel cell, collective-mounted throttle, and jettisonable crew doors. With an innovative operational system, we ensure enhanced safety because of a reduced pilot workload and engine monitoring.

New and innovative avionics also establish extra protection for our patients, with features including the integration of flight instruments, engine instruments with power indicators, traffic systems, and warning systems for the terrain. With all of these features, Rico Aviation wants to maintain the highest quality aid imaginable for anyone and everyone who needs our help.

Rico has 24-hour dispatch capability, as well as a one-step dispatch tablet and downloadable app for iPhone and Android phones called the Rico Rapid Response™