Our Patient First Promise

At Rico Aviation we work tirelessly to provide for our patients first. This means we fly any patient regardless of whether they hold an air medical membership. More so, our patients often pay less out of pocket than the cost of a membership with other air ambulance providers. Many ask why we do not operate on a membership system. The answer is simple.

Patients Come First. Not Billing.

Care in the Air that is always PATIENT FIRST

What is Patient Advocacy?

The goal of patient advocacy is to provide safe and reliable lifesaving treatment 24/7/365, treat every patient with care, and help them navigate the confusing insurance process. Memberships are sold to possibly help patients avoid out-of-pocket expenses related to air medical services. We are taking a new approach to achieve a better outcome, with no membership cost to patients. With the success of our Patient Advocacy philosophy and program and our in-network strategy, no membership is required. All patients who are transported by us will have access to robust services to help with the post-flight billing process and avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Patient Advocacy works and has led to our patients paying very little out-of-pocket costs. Rarely more than their insurance’s co-pay or deductible.
  • Each of our patients has a dedicated advocate who walks them through the billing and appeal process from beginning to end.
  • Patient advocates work to ensure that our patients’ insurance companies do right by our patients, paying their claims when patients need it most.
  • No patient is ever sent to collections unless they are non-responsive to multiple attempts to contact them.

Memberships do not guarantee coverage

The Rico Difference DOES

Did you know the average out of pocket expense for patients flown with Rico in 2018 was less than $100? Balance billing after an insurance payout with another air ambulance company could be as much as $10,000… even with a membership.