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As we all know, Texas has unpredictable winter weather conditions. With this uncertainty comes a possibility for dangerous driving conditions this holiday season. In hopes of staying accident-free this winter, we recommend that you drive with the utmost caution no matter where you go. Remember this suggested advice to make the streets a little safer this Christmas.

Be Vigilant

In this time of more congested driving, it is important to be more vigilant for the sake of you and everyone else on the road. With there being a mixture of different drivers on the road, you never know how they choose to drive. Whether they’ll use their signals and alert you or just squeeze in where they can without notice. Vigilance will allow you to react accordingly to other drivers and inclement weather. If you believe a potential accident is about to occur, don’t panic; be vigilant and assess the situation while figuring out how to avoid the situation without causing an incident yourself. The road is not just about driving for yourself but driving for others as well.

Drive Slower

In the fast-paced state that we live in, it is second nature to want to speed to get to our destinations quicker. During the winter it is safer to reside at the speed limit or lower due to inclement weather in Texas. The speed limit is not a suggestion, it is the maximum speed you should take on the road when the weather is normal and the roads are dry. Traction on the roads is unstable when it is raining, but when it is cold with rain, sleet, or snow, the roads become a dangerous hazard. If you’re ever uncertain as to the safety of the road, drive slowly or consider pulling over to assess other potential routes that you can take that will be safer.

Keep Your Distance

With the holiday season being upon us in Texas, the roads will be filled with more cars and many of which could be filled with drivers who have no idea where they are going. Maintaining about two-to-three times your normal car distance on the road during this inclement weather will add a safety cushion on the road and allow for you to drive and ease off the gas pedal less intensively as unforeseen circumstances arise. Be especially sure to use extra caution and distance on overpasses, ramps, and shaded areas as these tend to be the roads that will freeze in Texas.

For emergencies remember that you can call 911 for immediate dispatch assistance. The winter is a busy season with uncertain weather conditions shrouding over Texas. Be safe and be vigilant to increase your chances of having a safe driving experience. If you find yourself in a situation where the services of an air ambulance are necessary, Rico Aviation can help. Learn more about Rico Aviation, and the quality air aviation services we provide by contacting us at 806-331-7426 or visiting our website.

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