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T’is the season of Christmas, and at Rico you know,

Our fleet and our family continue to grow.

And we’re all looking forward with passionate flair,

To another great year of quality care in the air.

We’ve expanded our service and want to tell you more,

About the “Rico Difference” and all that’s in store.

So in Holiday rhyme we present to you,

The 2018 Rico year in Review.

Rico Aviation Press Event Dalhart family tourWe partnered with Tucumcari and a hospital there,

To provide medical air transport and care.

We celebrated a year at our base in Dalhart,

a community we are blessed to be a small part.

We worked very hard to upgrade our App.

That dispatches a crew with only a tap.

We added position updates so hospitals can know,

When help will arrive, and where it will go.

And our friends at Air Methods continued to be

a fantastic partner for providing with glee,

Emergency service that responds to the call,

and helicopter transport available to all.

And with the help of Air Methods we’re starting something new,

To educate patients and bring into clear view,

A system developed to treat patients right,

And help manage the payments of a medical flight.

Through this new system of Patient Advocacy,

We work with insurance and determine for free,

A way to ensure patients pay what is fair,

And make accessible to all, top quality care.

All this from our hangers throughout the region

Ready and waiting no matter the season,

Each staffed with a crew like none other alive,

And when the time comes, into action they dive!

More Rapid than eagles our airplanes do fly,

And we call them by name when we take to the sky,

On NORA, on BARNEY, our helicopters two,

Respond to the call. Fly fast and fly true.


To pick up our patients and care for them all!  

It’s been quite a year and there’s still more to come,

so we want you to know where our passion comes from.

Our community, our partners, our patients, our team,

We hope by now, you may be sensing a theme


We make up a family with one common goal,

With each one of us blessed to be a part of the whole,

It’s about caring for others and doing what’s right.

Merry Christmas to all, And to all a safe flight.

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