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With school in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, we could all use a little vacay. The weather out is getting cooler and some places just aren’t meant to be traveled to this time of year. Good news for you, we have compiled a list of places that offers the ultimate fall weather and so much more!

1. Charleston, South Carolina

With its southern charm and historic cobblestone streets, Charleston is the perfect place to spend a weekend with your loved ones. The beaches are on the colder side this time of year, but all other signature South Carolina activities are hot as ever!

 2. San Francisco, California

San Fran’s summer tourists have vacated the city, which means that navigation through the hilly, scenic streets is rather easy in the fall.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re searching for some colorful fall foliage, Boston is the place for you. The chill in the air will have you ready to brave the winter back home.

4. San Diego, California

If you are looking for some outdoor pursuits, San Diego has just what you need. With Fall highs in the upper 70’s, the exploration possibilities are endless with beach relaxation or hiking Torrey Pines.

5. Vancouver, British Colombia

With Vancouver being so popular in the summer months, hotel rates tend to plummet in the autumn. Take this opportunity to visit the Vancouver International Film Festival or the Halloween Parade and Expo.

6. Washington D.C.

As the kids head back to school, D.C.’s tourist attractions become much easier to maneuver through with ease. If you wish to escape the bustle of the city, make a short trip to a northern Virginia winery.

7. Napa Valley, California

Speaking of wine, you can’t go wrong with a location known for its wine and food. You can vineyard hop throughout the day and relax on a patio with a delicious meal in the evening. Keep in mind, Fall is prime harvesting season for Napa, so crowd levels will be high.

8. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal’s fall months are filled with festivals and cool temperatures, which makes it the perfect time to visit. Explore the charming Old Montreal and the famous botanical gardens. If you visit later in the season, you’ll make sure to bundle up while exploring the beautiful city.

9. Yellowstone National Park

Now free from summer road-trippers, Yellowstone has so much beauty to offer its visitors in the fall season. The crisp air causes the leaves to change and you may see some snow! However, few tourists this time of year can also mean fewer park amenities available. Check the park website before making your trip!

Park Website

10. Big Sur, California

As unique as Big Sur is, it gets even better-come autumn. In September, orcas, blue whales, and humpback whales pay Big Sur a visit during their migration to Hawaii for the colder months. In addition, hundreds of monarch butterflies can be found in Andrew Molera State Park as they also migrate for the winter.


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