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A few ways to give back to those constantly giving their time…

First responders are behind the scenes of every minor and major accident. Why not thank them for the life-saving work that they do?

Write a letter

Receiving a letter in this day and age is rare. However, handwritten letters are one of the most genuine ways to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. Write a letter (or a few) and deliver them to your local fire station. You’ll initiate a smile from a first responder for sure.

Spread the Word

If a first responder completely rocked your world, tell people about it. Tell your coworkers, local businesses, friends, family, everyone. It may not be a direct thanks, but gratitude can always be shown indirectly as well.

Donate to a charity that benefits first responders and fire departments.

They may have given you or someone you know a second chance at life. Why not give back? Check out your community’s fire department web page and learn more about their needs and how you can help.

Some of our incredible EMS staff!

Cook and deliver a meal.

Due to an unpredictable schedule, first responders often skip meals in order to perform their duties. Show your local heroes that you care by dropping off a home-cooked meal at the station!

Decorate a Banner

Homemade art projects are about as genuine as you can get. Gather up your family and neighbors and paint a heartfelt “thank you” banner. After the paint has dried, surprise your community first responders with a lovely gift of appreciation!

Attend an event where you know they will be present.

First responders are not always the center of attention at events, but you’ll be surprised how many they go to in order to keep you and your family safe. For example, they are at any major public event such as parades, concerts, sporting events, or festivals. Find one next time and offer them a cold soda or water. Express your gratitude by lending a helping hand.  

Thank them on social media.

Most Americans have a couple hundred friends/followers on their social media accounts. If you write a post simply stating how thankful are for their service, that message could go farther than you think. In addition, some of your friends may jump on that same bandwagon and thank them on their accounts as well.

Simply say “thank you”.

If you become more aware of your surroundings every time you’re out in public, you’ll start noticing how many first responders are nearby. When you see one while you are out, walk up and simply tell them how much you appreciate them. A few seconds of kindness goes far.

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