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Points To Review Before Making A Choice…

When choosing an Air Ambulance Company, it is important for you to know what to look for and what to expect when selecting a provider. While you should always expect top quality care, here are other valuable services to look for from Air Ambulance Providers:

Practice Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is not a program or paid service, it is a belief and commitment to provide each patient with a great and caring experience. Advocating for patients as their supporter and communicator to ensure their treatment and care is a priority. There are different ways patient advocacy can be practiced, bed-to-bed service being one. Bed-to-bed service means you will receive top quality care throughout the entire ambulance experience. A single provider will take care of the whole transferring process including ground transportation between airports and hospitals.

Billing Practices

This is a always a sore subject when dealing with medical costs. While we would like our insurance to cover the whole cost of air transportation, this just is not the case for many who need air transportation. Look for a company that is interested in making this stressful situation more bearable. After the insurance provider has been billed, the remaining costs fall on the patient, a company should work with the patient on a way to best resolve these costs, especially if they are paying out of pocket.

Rotor-Wing Air Ambulances

When researching air ambulance companies, check to see what form of transportation is used. The large benefit of rotor-wing air ambulances is that they have the ability to take the patient directly to hospitals that have landing pads attached, limiting the time of transportation. Rotor-wing ambulance also provide the extra benefit of a smoother ride, even furthering top quality care.

These valuable guidelines will help you in choosing an affordable top quality air transportation company. By choosing Rico Aviation for your air medical transport, you are guaranteed consistent quality care, patient advocacy, and unique benefits such as the Rico Rapid Response App which provides immediate dispatch, notification, and flight tracking. Learn more by visiting our website or contact 806-331-7426.


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