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The average person has many misconceptions about private air travel. Let’s face it, most of our thoughts about private planes are based on music videos and TV series. But, charter planes don’t just exist in pop culture, they’re a staple industry and serve many purposes.

So let’s debunk six common misconceptions surrounding private aircraft and charter.

1. To enjoy a private plane, you have to own the jet.

Actually, very few people who fly on private planes actually own their own aircraft. Instead, they use charter companies like Rico Aviation that take care of flying, food and beverage service, ground transportation and hotels. All they have to do is order the plane, and everything else is taken care of by the charter company.

2. Charter planes are primarily about luxury.

Charter planes can definitely be luxurious, but more importantly, they are practical. The reality is, charter planes are used to efficiently reach communities that may not be well connected to major airports. They also are the most efficient form of travel for work teams, because they save time in avoided layovers and long ground commutes, and they can continue with work while onboard.  

3. Weather effects commercial and private flights the same.

Some people believe that if the current weather conditions would delay a large commercial plane, they’d also delay a smaller, private plane, but that isn’t true. Because private planes have access to 5,000 airports (while commercial planes only have about 500), they have a lot more route options to avoid bad weather. They can also change flight paths mid-way, which means they are much less affected by severe weather.

4. Private planes are more dangerous.

Because private aircraft are much smaller than a typical airliner, many assume that private planes are more dangerous. Terms like “puddle jumper” are used to speak illy of smaller aircraft, when in reality, commercial airliners and smaller jets or prop planes have very similar safety records. Statistically, air travel, whether on a large airline or on a private plane, is the safest form of travel.

5. You still have to go through TSA.

You can definitely skip any and all TSA security checks if you fly in a private plane. So, no metal scanners, no taking your shoes off and no security lines. Just roll up to the plane when it’s time for your flight, and take off on your travels.

6. Commercial planes are faster.

Smaller jets and planes can actually fly above weather patterns and turbulence that commercial airlines get slowed down by. This means they can often sail right by major airliners. Plus, when you add in all the convenience factors, the door-to-door time difference is remarkable.


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