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When purchasing health insurance, we check for the big things: premium, deductible, vision, dental. However, it’s easy to ignore small details, like extra clauses. Most people don’t think about coverage for air ambulances. Who would, right? But paying for air ambulance out-of-pocket is an unnecessary expense that can burden your family. It’s better to know that you have air ambulance insurance than to find out after a medical emergency that you don’t.

You need air ambulance coverage, in case…

  • Injury during a trip and need to be taken to a facility close to home for recovery.
  • Specialized facilities that are far away and not accessible by normal transportation means, whether for emergency transportation, rehabilitation transportation, or specialized treatment transportation.
  • When you need medical assistance like oxygen, life support, or other special medical devices during transportation that regular vehicles don’t have.
  • When ground transportation isn’t possible (bad skiing accident up in the mountains), quick enough (when time is limited), or feasible for your current condition (if you need specially outfitted vehicles to travel long distances).

When might insurers cover air ambulance services?

At the scene of an emergency, and attending physician can recommend air ambulance services if they feel it’s in the best interest of the patient. Physicians can also write letters of necessity to insurance companies.

How do I find out if my insurer covers air ambulance services?

Like most aspects of health insurance, coverage for air ambulances is complicated. Always check the clauses for deductibles and coinsurance, especially for air ambulance services. If you aren’t sure what your insurance will cover, contact your insurance company, employee benefits plan administrator or your insurance agent. Also look for coverage on your spouse’s plan.

What about coverage for when I’m traveling?

We recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy and look at their coverage options. Especially since medical emergencies that would require medevac tend to occur on special trips, especially when you have adventurous plans. Traveler’s insurance will give you peace of mind during your trip.

How will Rico Aviation work with my insurance?

Rico Aviation will file all insurance claims on the patient’s behalf. Meaning your claim will be filed by trained air ambulance professionals who understand how to communicate with insurance companies. If you use a medical aviation company that won’t file for you, you’ll be stuck with trying to convince them the air ambulance was medically necessary on your own.


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