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When to Use an Air Ambulance Provider

While some large airlines claim to provide medical travel arrangements, many restrictions apply. This is where air ambulance providers step in: to provide you with a level of medical care and assistance that commercial flights often cannot match. Here are some circumstances in which you should consider the services of an air ambulance:

If you need medical oxygen

Most major airlines are not able to transport or provide medical oxygen during air travel. If you are a patient requiring a constant supply of medical oxygen, you should seek out an air ambulance provider.

To ensure comprehensive emergency and critical care

Commercial airlines are not trained to provide advanced medical attention during air travel, which is why the services of specially trained air ambulances are necessary. Air ambulance providers like Rico Aviation require their pilots to have the highest rating, and that all their health care personnel hold advanced certifications.

If you require a specialized physician or medical equipment

Many air ambulance providers have access to specialized medical equipment that may not be available for a commercial flight. For example, Rico Aviation uses high-quality equipment like the Hamilton T1 Ventilator, the most advanced, fully featured ICU ventilator on the market.


These guidelines will help you narrow down your choices and decide if you or your loved one requires the assistance of an air ambulance provider. By choosing Rico Aviation for your air medical transport, you are guaranteed consistent quality care, and unique benefits such as the Rico Rapid Response, an app that provides immediate dispatch and flight tracking. Learn more by visiting our website or contact 806-331-7426.

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