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Air Medical Transport: What “bed-to-bed service” means for you

When choosing an air medical transport company, it’s important to select a provider that offers “bed-to-bed service”. Bed-to-bed service means that your provider handles the entire medical transferring process, including ground transportation between airports and hospitals. This type of service ensures:

High quality of care

If your air transport company does not offer bed-to-bed service, this might be a sign that you are not selecting a high-quality company. Bed-to-bed service ensures a consistent level of high-quality care through the ambulance experience.

Complete documentation by qualified medical staff

A reputable air transport company will only affiliate with reputable companies, so you can rest assured that your transport will be completed by qualified medical staff throughout your entire journey. This type of service also helps streamline the documentation process and helps ensures that your medical documentation does not get mishandled when switching between transport providers. Additionally, some medical companies like Rico Aviation will file all insurance claims on the patient’s behalf.

Patient is shifted only twice during transport

A comprehensive bed-to-bed service allows patients to be shifted only twice during the entire transport, which may not be the case under an alternative provider. Stretchers used during ground transportation are compatible with the air ambulances, so the patient can rest easy while the medical staff provides the highest quality of care.


These guidelines will help you narrow down your choices and select a safe, affordable and reputable air transport company for your bed-to-bed service. By choosing Rico Aviation for your air medical transport, you are guaranteed consistent quality care, and unique benefits such as the Rico Rapid Response, an app that provides immediate dispatch and flight tracking. Learn more by visiting our website or contact 806-331-7426.

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