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How to Choose the Best Air Medical Transport Company

With hundreds of air medical transport companies to choose from, selecting the safest and most affordable transport for you and your loved ones can seem overwhelming. To find the best air medical transport company in your area, do your research and follow our general guidelines below:

Select a company with CAMTS Accreditation.

Immediately eliminate any medical transport operators that are not accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport System. CAMTS is a worldwide agency that sets the highest safety standards for both ground and air medical transport systems, and only safe and reputable companies are granted full accreditation with their organization. Air medical transportation providers undergo a series of meticulous reviews, examinations and site inspections before receiving certification.

Ask specific questions.

Don’t hesitate to ask in-depth questions about a company’s services, accreditations, and reputation. The company should easily provide you with details on the types of patients most often transported, what types of aircraft are utilized and what types of medical equipment their crew is certified to operate. You should also be aware if continuous care is offered, and for how long your contract with their health care will last. Speaking of contracts…

Watch out for confusing contracts.

If the contract you receive from an air medical transport company is long-winded and confusing when read, be weary. Only sign with a company that offers you a direct, straightforward contract and is not hesitant to answer questions. You should not have to seek out a lawyer to comprehend what you are signing.

Clarify insurance policy information.

Some medical transport providers will try to trick you into thinking that your insurance will cover transportation costs that aren’t directly covered by your insurance policy. This is not true, and it’s strongly advised that you contact a representative from your insurance company and clarify exactly what your plan will cover.

These guidelines will help you narrow down your choices and select a safe, affordable and reputable air transport company. By choosing Rico Aviation for your air medical transport, you are guaranteed consistent quality care, and unique benefits such as the Rico Rapid Response, an app that provides immediate dispatch and flight tracking. Learn more by visiting our website or contact 806-331-7426.

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