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5 Ways to Treat a Sunburn

From barbecues to family vacations, the summertime is always jam packed with fun adventures. However, with an increase of time outside, sunburns are inevitable. But don’t fret, here are five simple ways to treat your sensitive summer skin.

Aloe Vera

This natural, herbal remedy has a long history of use from burns to arthritis. With its oil components, aloe vera is a great and fast way to moisturize burned skin and can help you avoid peeling.

RICO’S TIP: Try putting your bottle of Aloe Vera in the refrigerator to cool down your burn instantly.

Drink Water

The sun and your burn dehydrate your body. Drinking a lot of water will not only rehydrate your body but specifically your skin and can speed up the healing process.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and if you put it on as soon as you realize you may have burned, it can help reduce the burn on your skin rapidly. If your burns typically blister, Vitamin E oil can lessen the inflammation on your skin.

RICO’S TIP: You can buy Vitamin E oil in either capsule form or in a bottle itself. Either form will work, so you can purchase your preference.

Cool Shower or Bath

Cool water is an excellent way to ease the discomfort from a sunburn. For even more relief, use natural additives in your baths such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lavender and chamomile essential oil, and oatmeal.

RICO’S TIP: Avoid strong perfume smelling soaps and shower gels as they may irritate your skin and make symptoms worse.

Milk, Yogurt, Tea, oh my

Dampen a rag with cool milk and apply to the skin. The protein will create a film on your damaged skin and help with the pain of a sunburn. Yogurt is also an excellent way to soothe the pain as well. If you have tea bags in the kitchen, try applying the freshly brewed tea to a rag and then place it on your skin. Black tea has natural components that can draw the heat out of your burn.

RICO’S TIP: Try adding mint to your routine for an added coolness for your skin.

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