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In elementary school, there is one day out of every year where the local fire department will come by and let every student take turns meeting the firefighters, checking out the firetruck, handing out tons of free stickers, hats, and other awesome gifts, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, you may even get to petthe Dalmatians.

In middle and high school, the same things happen, but with the local police academy. There are after school classes that you can sign up for, that include ride a long’s, seeing the station, and on the last day, getting flash banged (this is a real thing, and it is awesome).

Why Should you Visit your Local EMS Station?

Our local firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, police officers, and many other groups of life savers are often underappreciated for their work, or not really thought of unless we are speeding and happen to see an officer or EMS respondent’s lights blaring down the road.

At Rico, we could not do what we do without these amazing heroes and we appreciate them more than we can ever show.

This month, why not take your kids down to the fire station, or any other EMS station, for an awesome experience. Go meet these outstanding neighbors and give thanks. There was a time when this was almost a yearly thing. Kids would help their parents cook some delicious snacks or put together some needed items, and head down to a station to visit and give a short hour or so to these amazing people. Let’s bring that back.

Sometime in March, we challenge you to take your children and go show them a local station. Not only will you be making these EMS individuals day, you might learn a lot, and your kids will love what they have to show and tell. They may leave with a bright, shiny sticker badge, or maybe an awesome plastic red hat that every adult can remember owning at one point, and if they are super lucky, maybe pet the fire station Dalmatian or trusty German Shepard.

Post a picture on our Facebook with a local hero so we can honor them and thank you for going out of your way to make their day!

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