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The Air Medical Transport Industry

The air medical transport industry is a global industry dedicated to providing patients with expert care, as well as promptly transporting them to the location needed to seek further medical treatment. But did you know how many of these flights take place a year? Or how large this industry actually is? Check out some of these fast facts about the air medical transport industry, some may surprise you!

1,096 medical flights per day in the United States

That’s almost 400,000 flights in the U.S alone, per year. That’s a lot of dedicated medical transport and flight professionals offering care around the country.

21,000 employees in the United States…and growing

Interested in becoming an air ambulance pilot or medic? You aren’t alone! You can join about 21,000 other people in providing transport medical care in the air for patients across the country.

Average flight is 52 miles

With an average flight of 52 miles, an air ambulance can get you to where you need to be quickly and safely. Air ambulances services all over the country ensures timely responses and effective communication with ground hospital staff.

Highest rated pilots in the business

To be a pilot for an air ambulance, you must have the highest pilot rating available, the airline transport pilot rating. Getting this rating is no easy task, but it prepares our pilots for all kinds of air ambulance scenarios.

The industry continues to grow

The billion-dollar air ambulance industry has grown almost every year since World War II when air ambulances were first used. With predictions for it to keep growing through 2020, it’s a good time to start going to work as an air ambulance medic or pilot.


The air ambulance industry is less known than many other industries despite it being one of the most important industries in the world. With thousands of flights every day, our industry is aimed at providing everyone with the care they need in a mobile environment.


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