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As an air ambulance business, we understand that there will always be circumstances and accidents that require our aid. We and other EMS services alike are reactive in nature, but what if we could prevent accidents without ever having to lift a finger?


Did you know that 11 teens die every single day from texting and driving? Of all driving accidents, 1 in 4 are caused by texting and driving, and nearly 330,000 accidents occur each year from texting and driving. By putting away your cell phone for your commute, or going hands-free with Bluetooth with apps like Ford Sync can prevent us or any other medical response groups from getting that dreaded call.

You average 5 seconds of time not focused on the road per phone glance or use. In 5 seconds at an average of 60/mph, you travel 528 feet or 176 yards. In 5 seconds of looking down, you drive almost the length of two football fields without seeing the road. You would do anything to protect your child’s life, yet people text and drive with their kids every day. It isn’t something you ever think about, and it has become a natural reflex to check a text or make a call, but it is one of the most dangerous things you can do in a car.

Lets Save Lives Together

Texting and driving have become a routine habit that we must break, if not for our safety, then to show a good example for our loved ones.

If we can prevent accidents instead of reacting to them, then we are doing our job to the best of our abilities, and as parents, so are you. Help us lower 330,000 accidents by hanging up the phone, putting it on silent, or putting it out of reach.

You can take the pledge with to stand with Rico Aviation and help turn that #11 into something much less. We always say the children are our future, so let’s show them.

Let’s save lives together.


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