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Why You Should Consider Charter Flights

Commercial airports are stressful

pic-1We have all experienced the hustle and bustle of going to the airport. There’s something wrong with the ticket kiosk or the woman/man at the counter seems less than happy to assist you. You are running late for your flight and then you see the dreaded security lines. You finally make it through the lines and now it’s time to find your gate. You run to the gate to see your flight has just been cancelled or delayed. Once you finally board the plane you look up to see you’re seated next to someone who’s life goal it is to share their Cold with you.

Every commercial airport experience isn’t awful but if you were in a position to be able to avoid it, wouldn’t you want to?

Charter benefits

Have you ever considered taking a chartered flight? pic-2While chartering a plane may not make sense for everyone, there are some distinct benefits for businesses and individuals seeking a travel alternative.

According to Forbes, many people believe that the main benefit of a chartered flight is the luxury, but the practical benefits of chartered flights are based more in convenience, efficiency and privacy.
Additional benefits include not having to deal with security, the plane takes off when you’re ready and you choose when to eat or drink.

Many businesses choose to fly employees via private charter for both convenience and efficiency. USA TODAY refers to chartered flights as “your own airborne corporate office.” Work can be accomplished while traveling and in case of important meetings, a private flight is a great way to ensure there will be no interruptions.

Overall, charter flights save time. If the traveler needs to, they can visit multiple destinations in one day. The traveler can also change the destinations or time of the flight if need be.

If you or your business are looking to save time and have a more comfortable traveling experience you, may want to consider chartered flights for you or your employees.

At Rico, we have an aircraft dedicated to providing charter service, a true labor of love for our owner Richard Coon. Our Cessna Citation seats 6 passengers, can fly you anywhere in the continental United States and of course, we provide complimentary food and beverage service at no additional cost.

If you are interested in flying with us or learning more about our Charter flights, call today
at (806)331-7426.

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