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How did the name RICO come about?

Our namesake comes from the first Two Letters of our Founder’s first and last name: Richard Co

What type of plane did RICO first fly?

Our first air ambulance was the fast and reliable Cessna 414. To learn more about our aircraft family throughout the years, check out our 20 Years and Counting blog.

Where was RICO’s first flight?

Our very first flight was to a hospital in Tuscan Arizona and the rest is history!

Where was RICO’s farthest air ambulance trip?

We once made a special flight to Providence Rhode Island to ensure the patient had access to the care they required.

Over the past 20 years, how many Campisi pizzas have been consumed by RICO’s crew?

Really no way to tell… a BUNCH, but we like to think it’s an important part of who we are and where we’ve been. Food, especially pizza, brings people together!

What sits on the ‘dash’ of each airplane and why?

On the dash of each of our Twin Cessnas sit Beanie Baby brothers, Blizzard and Freckles, a tradition started by Richard’s Daughter many years ago.

Where was RICO’s first charter trip?

His very first trip was to Austin Tx.

In 20 years, how many medical flights has RICO flown?

We crunched the numbers, and to the best of our knowledge, we have flown 5,778 medical flights (many more as you are reading this).

Who are the two people that started with RICO and are still with RICO?

Through the years, good friends and great caregivers have come and gone, but though it all, Doug Adcock and Richard Coon have remained friends, partners and Rico Legends! Here’s to many years to come!

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